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They Don't Make Them Like the Nurburgring Anymore

If you have ever dreamt of driving on a genuine racing circuit and following in the foot steps of Nikki Lauda, there truly is no place like the infamous Nurburgring. Racing enthusiasts from all over the world have been descending on the quaint village of Nurburg for years just to experience the thrill of one of the world's most legendary circuits.

If you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing it in the past, it's easy to understand why this adventure is a "must do" for any racing or automotive enthusiast. The circuit is famous for its thrills and chills as drivers must navigate the treacherous track that winds its way around the mountain town. There is indeed no other place in the world that can offer an opportunity like that.

The Nurburgring is a global destination that evokes plenty of emotion from excitement to fear and envy. It is without a doubt one of the most technically challenging tracks in the entire world. Prior to 1927, Germany did not have any permanent motor-racing circuits in spite of its reputation as a leader in vehicle design and development. The Nurburgring was born out of an idea to build a track that could be used for motor sport and for testing new car designs of automobile manufacturers.

Built to Showcase German Design & Engineering

The plan called for a long and demanding circuit that was carefully designed to expose any faults in new vehicles. What resulted was an incredible track composed of two unique courses. The Nordschleife, also referred to as the "Northern Loop," is a 14.2 mile course that was originally intended for car testing and pushing drivers to the limits. The Südschleife, also known as the "Southern Loop," runs just 4.8 miles long and was designed for testing and small races.

The Southern Loop was demolished and replaced with the Grand Prix Strecke in 1984 after the original was classified as unsafe for Formula One Racing following the famous fiery crash of Nikki Lauda in 1976. The Northern Loop retains much of the original track's design. It is the more challenging of the two courses being nicknamed the "Green Hell" by Jackie Stewart.

Both loops were originally designed to be driven as an entire course featuring four unique length variations ranging from 2.281 kilometres to the entire 28.265 kilometres. When the Nurburgring was reconstructed in the early 1980's, the start-finish zone was reconstructed with the goal of enabling it for use in international racing events. The new version of the track introduced updated safety standards which made it an overall safer course without compromising the daring roads that posed an exciting challenge to all drivers.

Experience the Thrills and the Risks of the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is an incredibly demanding track that requires full concentration at all times. Unlike most modern racing circuits, the Nurburgring's track is quite narrow with little space outside of the bends. Rather than the traditional gravel traps that can assist to slow down a car that is out of control, the Nurburgring was limited to a few yards of grass just before a vehicle would hit the armco barrier. These short areas of grass were adequate when the Nurburgring was constructed but as cars began to travel much faster in the 1970's, it became highly apparent that they posed a risk to safety.

If a driver on the Nurburgring should find themselves in a slide losing control of their car, it is likely that the vehicle will slam into the armco barrier as there are few run-off areas. The vast majority of the bends are blind with many tightening part way through. Add in the further complexity of a circuit that is placed in a wet and mountainous region of western Germany and the real challenge of the course becomes evident quickly. Furthermore, sharing the track with drivers of varying skill levels can also pose a risk.

No Other Racing Circuit Like This Anywhere in the World

The Nordschleife of the Nurburgring is completely in a class of its own without any other course in the world coming close to what it offers. The scenic road that winds its way through the vibrant local greenery is what earned its reputation as "The Green Hell." The track is as awe-inspiring as it is feared for its demanding nature yet it never fails to impress and continues to be one of the best purpose-built motor racing circuits in the world.

Stretching 13 miles long with approximately 73 bends, the circuit sets the standards for motor vehicle performance and inspires determination from all drivers that dare to challenge it. Drivers are up to the challenge because they know that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Modern F1 circuits are built with safety at the forefront and regulations take precedence over form. In other words, the daring and dangerous track that gave the Nurburgring its fame is a thing of the past as safety threatens to undermine the concepts of great track design.

Modern Tracks are No Match for the Ring

New Formula 1 circuits being designed are coming under heavy criticism and mixed reviews. Companies that are familiar with the design and construction details of building a Formula 1 circuit know that there is limited room for deviation. But that's just what most drivers identify as the key problems. According to critics, circuits are increasingly becoming "cookie cutter" in appearance with too many elements being copied from one another during the drafting and design process resulting in boring tracks. But industry insiders are quick to point out that track designers are forced to create designs within incredibly strict safety regulations. For example, when planning new circuits, safety regulations dictate that the track width should be a minimum of 12 meters while during track width changes, transitions should be made gradually at a rate that does not exceed 1 meter in 20 meters. These regulations result in a constant repetition of approved track corners and characteristics.

Some modern designs have been dismissed as boring suggesting that many Formula One races now see a lack of overtaking and overall excitement due to the limitations and design of the track. But others argue that the modern designs are better suited to the demands of faster modern vehicles. Regardless of whether you are an advocate of modern Formula 1 race circuits and the safety regulations that accompany them, what is clear is that none compare to the Nurburgring. The thrill of the course will push you and your vehicle to the limits and the only way to experience true classic motor sport is to experience it for yourself.

- Article by Melissa Fenton

B.R.M Watches and RSR form Partnership

Automotive enthusiasts love the engineering perfection and the mechanical ballet that goes into the workings of a performance car.

This same sort of brilliance is also found in high end luxury watches; so it was only going to be a matter of time before RSR partnered with B.R.M. and their motorsport themed line of watches.

The partnership is sealed with the launch of a limited line of special 'V6 Hybrid' RSR watches produced by B.R.M. that use a special energy recuperator like on the super cars!

We're offering these as a Christmas exclusive where you can get your own RSR B.R.M. watch - contact us directly for details!

Read more about the partnership and watches here…

NISSAN Germany and RSR Group Form Partnership

RSR just signed a partnership with NISSAN Germany. For NISSAN the partnership means they can use RSR’s expertise on driver training and can use RSR’s fleet of GT-R’s for demonstration and test drive purposes. Also the partnership will allow Nissan owners exclusive access to RSRSpa’s trackdays at Circuit de Spa in 2014.

After long-term contracts with manufacturers Lotus and Renault Sport, this is RSR’s 3rd partnership with a key manufacturer of sportscars.

Press Release

Press Release in German [DE]

Press Release in ENGLISH [EN]

Nürburgring Article

Wheeling Your Way around Germany’s Nürburgring

While many visitors to Germany explore this beautiful country by a variety of transportation modes including river boats and trains, the automotive and racing enthusiast knows that there is only one mode of transportation that can deliver the thrills necessary to satisfy a lifelong dream. For hard core enthusiasts, the legendary Nürburgring requires no introduction. The dream of driving this famous racing circuit remains high on the bucket lists of driving and riding enthusiasts all over the world. With more than 1000 feet in elevation changes and 170 unique turns, it remains one of the longest and most challenging race courses of the world.

The thrills of this extensive track with its unique history and challenges set it apart as one of Germany’s top attractions. The lack of intersections and on-coming traffic make it unique from traditional roads while the absence of a blanket speed limit is a major draw for many. The original 20.8 kilometre ‘North Loop’ track built in the 1920’s takes visitors on a scenic trip around the village and the medieval castle of Nürburg. Located in the Eifel Mountains, the old track was nicknamed ‘The Green Hell’ by Jackie Stewart as it has long been considered one of the most difficult and challenging purpose-built circuits in the world. In addition to the historic loop, there is also a Grand Prix race track that was constructed in 1984.

Choose Your Experience

A number of experiences and packages are available to drivers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Ron Simons Racing offers a range of affordable experiences designed to bring high quality instruction to visitors from all over the world as they select from a wide range of cars to experience one of the world’s most demanding race circuits. From hot taxi laps where you get to experience the full limits of a car as a passenger to introductory experiences where you get to experience driving the circuit first hand, Ron Simons Racing will ensure that car enthusiasts don’t just enjoy the best that the cars have to offer but the region as well.

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Public Driving Session: Most people who come to drive the Nürburgring come to do so during public driving sessions available during evenings on most weekdays and all day on weekends. You will share the circuit with all sorts of traffic from motorcycles to buses and camper vans. Renting a racing vehicle is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the circuit.
  • Racing on the Nürburgring: If you have ever dreamed of racing the Nurburg, this is your chance to rent your own race car complete with a fully equipped pit crew. Management of entries and logistics are also provided. There are a number of racing events to suit a variety of skill levels.
  • Hot Taxi Laps: Ever wanted to experience the full force of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS or a Lotus Exige 260 Cup? This is your chance to experience G-Force and extreme speeds as a passenger while your professional driver demonstrates the limits of the car. These experiences are available only on Track Days or during VLN Practice Sessions.
  • Introductory Package: If this is your first time to visit the Nürburgring, this is the ideal introduction to the circuit and the beauty of the surrounding region. This tour is designed especially for car enthusiasts combining all things cars including: driving amazing race cars, visiting the Nurburgring Museum, shopping for racing souvenirs, and dining with some of the best views of unique and exotic cars. You will find yourself in a paradise for car enthusiasts.
  • Autobahn Blast: A fun add-on to any Nurburgring weekend is the thrill of experiencing the famous German autobahn, the national motorway network of Germany. What makes these highways so special for car lovers is that there is absolutely no speed limit. The best way to appreciate the autobahn is to rent an incredibly fast and powerful car.
  • Classic Cars & Castles: If you want to combine a little bit of sightseeing with your weekend of cars, here is the opportunity to enjoy driving classic cars while taking in some of the region’s most popular sites. You’ll visit three different castles including the famous Nürburg Castle.

These are just some of the many experiences that Ron Simons Racing offers whether you are travelling individually or as a group. If you truly want to experience the life of luxury, the VIP package will offer the dream weekend of a lifetime for any car enthusiast!

Choose Your Car

The best part of this vacation is that the car you drive is completely up to you. Whatever your dream vehicle is, you can be assured that you will get to experience the best of it in a memorable action-packed holiday. However, the car you select should also be based on your driving experience and familiarity with race tracks. If you are inexperienced and want to drive a fast car, there are a number of training packages available to help prepare you for your dream vehicle. If you are a first time visitor, it is wise to remember that the circuit is incredibly challenging, dangerous, and difficult. Regardless of previous race track experience, this particular circuit is unlike any other. Both experienced and novice drivers often crash during the first few laps of the day. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you don’t select anything faster than 200-horsepower.

Prepare For Your Trip

The choice of when to visit the Nürburgring is entirely up to the visitor but the season generally runs from early March until late November. While it is possible to visit the track outside of these months, opening times are unpredictable due to weather variations. The track only closes during snow, fog, or an accident. The season is typically the busiest with weather at its warmest but this also means that you can expect the ring to be crowded with traffic as well. Although the beginning and end of the season tends to generate undesirable weather like rain, snow, or fog, visitors will benefit from far less crowds to share the ring with.

The sessions are sometimes cancelled due to accidents or crashes on the track. Regardless of how many cars may be waiting, it takes only one major crash to close the entire session and shut down the circuit. It is wise to allow yourself extra days to ensure that you get your chance on the circuit. Visitors should also ensure that they are adequately insured in the event of an accident. If you are travelling from a foreign country or plan to drive multiple vehicles during your holiday, you must ensure that you carry sufficient coverage as bad weather and high speed can always pose a major risk to drivers. Do extensive research before selecting an insurance coverage plan for your trip. Bear in mind that purchasing multi-car insurance may not be cheaper than buying individual policies for each of your vehicles. Websites like indicate that the more powerful the engine of a performance car, the more expensive it is to insure because it is likely to be driven at greater speeds that increase the risk of accidents. Travellers may face significant excess charges if they are in an accident with their rental vehicle so it is always important to be prepared to ensure a seamless dream vacation.

Whether you plan to experience the Nürburgring as a co-pilot alongside a professional driver or if you plan to take the wheel of a professional racing car yourself, a trip to the Nürburgring promises the ride of your life!

- Article by Melissa Fenton

New partnership announced between RSRNurburg and Syntix Advanced Lubricants

RSRNurburg now uses SYNTIX lubricants for their full fleet of cars from the season 2013 onwards. SYNTIX is partnering with RSR to promote the brand and to get feedback from clients using their cars in the toughest conditions on the race track.

RSRNurburg and RSRSpa, have built a reputation of excellence over the past 15 years at the Nürburgring in Germany and Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium for driver training, instruction, track car rentals and tour rallies. “We are very excited to work with this new player in the market of high performance lubricants since they have such a different approach to everything they do” says Ron Simons, CEO of RSR.

Syntix Lubricants produces and sells the highest quality oils and coolants for track and road use. With a worldwide unique web-based sales and distribution concept, products are globally available. Qualified specialists ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. “Passionate drivers want the best performance, both on the track and on the road, and the best possible protection for their engine and gearbox. The partnership with RSR will give us access to a large client base of high performance car owners who use their cars on track,” Pieter Dubois says.


About Syntix

All Syntix products for competition and road use are officially certified by API and ACEA, the official institutions for the automotive industry in North-America and Europe, with official approvals from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Opel, General Motors, Subaru, Toyota, Fiat, KIA, Renault, Honda, Mazda, Ford, MAN and Subaru. Together with leading chemical specialists, Syntix has developed the MAX range of products, based on the highest quality PAOs, combined with proven additive packages. This results into pure products with the best protection and lubrication characteristics. All Syntix MAX products are officially API CN/SF certified, the highest quality grade in the automotive industry.

The PRO products are a step further ahead, with double Ester based PAOs and nano technology in the additive package to ensure the highest quality available. Esters ensure that the product molecules are exceptionally stable and therefore strong, to ensure maximum protection.

See more about Syntix at:

About RSR

RSRNurburg driver training, car rentals & trackdays is the oldest and most established business in this field at the Nurburgring. A fleet of over 60 cars from Renault Clio Cups up to LMP2 cars and everything in between is available. Over the last 10 years RSRNurburg served well over 10.000 customers among them many out of the automotive industry as well as a selection of well-known racing drivers.

RSRNurburg has made a name for itself with 10 years of high quality driver training. Their extensive knowledge of tracks like the Nurburgring Nordschleife and Spa Francorchamps is second to none.

Further information on RSR can be found here: , or by contacting Anthony Ashley on Tel; +49 2691 931952

RSR and Frikadelli Join Forces

The Queen of the Ring together with RSR now offers high-speed experiences at both the infamous Ring and mega F1 Track, Spa Francorchamps!

RSRNurburg and RSRSpa have joined forces with Sabine Schmitz & Frikadelli Racing to increase the ever expanding service offerings for our customers. This partnership opens up new opportunities to drive these world renowned track to practically anyone from around the globe, almost every day of the week, throughout the season... Sabine is also now on hand to deliver her world renowned fastest Hot Taxi Laps at both the Ring and Spa Francorchamps.

RSRNurburg, Ron Simons Racing Nurburg, have built a reputation of excellence over the past 15 years at the famous Nűrburgring for driver training, instruction, track car rentals, corporate events and Road Tours. Sabine Schmitz has raced the world over, but her true passion belongs at the Nurburgring where without doubt, she is most recognizable figure at the Ring - it’s no wonder she carries the title, the “Queen of Ring”. Sabine now partners with RSR to take advantage of the resources of RSR for her broad customer base.

Sabine Schmitz had the following to say: “I am really thrilled to be able to work with RSR. Their huge fleet of modern cars and wide range of services makes sense for us to create a partnership. We were looking for a reliable and reputable company to help service our only takes a small glance at RSR’s testimonials to know we are in capable hands.” Additionally, “The goal is to extend the available offerings, and RSR enables us to do this. Taxi Laps at Spa are really great, throwing the car around on this Formula track is just a joy, I can push so hard!” And in closing, “I am pleased to have formed this partnership. RSR are a professional company that have built a successful business on a reputation of excellence that is known and respected worldwide. Bringing their cars, expertise, various driving & instruction services and programs into our packages will open up new opportunities for our customers from around the world. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them”.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Sabine” said Ron Simons, director and owner of RSRNurburg and RSRSpa. “I have followed her career over the years, we have worked together in the past and now we cement this with a formal partnership to continue our combined success” Ron goes on to explain; “This partnership gives our existing customer base another range of options to choose from and now we have the quickest female racer in the world, certainly a force to be reckoned with on track!.”

About Sabine & Frikadelli Racing

In 2005 the butcher Klaus Abbelen, who had motor sport experience for some year, decided to call his own motorsport racing team into life. Abbelen runs the eponymous food company „Abbelen“, where he got is Nickname „Frikadelli“ (Meatball) from. So it was obvious to engage the involvement in motorsport with the profession, so Frikadelli Racing Team was born. As a very special recognition all cars of Frikadelli Racing driving with a picture of a big meatball on the side through the “Green Hell”!

Since the launch Sabine Schmitz is also a integral part of Frikadelli Racing. The partner and also teammate of Klaus Abbelen is not for nothing called the „Queen of the Nuerburgring“ . Sabine has fought countless battles at the Ring and no other race driver should know the Nordschleife as good as „Speedbee“. The sympathetic girl from the Eifel has already won two times the legendary 24 hour race on the ring and is a absolute multi talent. Sabine Schmitz regularly drives enthusiastic fans through the „Green Hell“ her favorite race track, is a TV presenter, takes care of her horses, flies helicopters and has her own cloth label. The power woman is always in a good mood, and even if she can´t estimate the number of laps she done on the Nordschleife, it never get´s boring for the „Queen of the Nuerburgring“! 

In 2010 Frikadelli got very well prepared and did the final step from a amateur team to a professional motor sport team. At Barweiler, located directly at the Nuerburgring they built a 1800 square meter big hall which is now the headquarter for Klaus Abbelen and his team. The building has a fully equipped workshop where all kind of jobs at the race cars can be done and is so the perfect headquarter for Frikadelli Racing. 

In the season 2013 Frikadelli Racing uses a fast Porsche racing car for the VLN Long Distance Championship and the Nuerburging 24h race. Sabine Schmitz, Klaus Abbelen and Patrick Huisman go with the 911 GT3 R into the races, and trying to fight for the top first positions. In the pits taking about 15 mechanics and team members care of the car, drivers and guests. 

More information can be found on their website: or you can contact them by phone on +49 (0)2691 / 93345-10 or email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

About RSR

RSRNurburg driver training, car rentals & trackdays is the oldest and most established business in this field at the Nurburgring. RSRNurburg has made a name for itself with over 15 years of operation. Their extensive knowledge of tracks like the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Nurburgring GP Circuit and Spa Francorchamps is second to none. A fleet of over 60 cars from Renault Clio Cup’s, Lotus Exige’s, Porsche GT3’s, Ferrari 458 Italia, various race cars for VLN up to LMP2 cars and everything in between is available. Over the last 15 years RSRNurburg served well over 10 000 customers among them many from the automotive industry as well as few of well-known racing drivers. 

Further information on RSR can be found here: and or by Antony Ashley on Tel; +49 2691 931952 or by email at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

RSRSpa and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Partnership Featured on the Lotus Forums Website

RSRSpa has been featured on the Lotus Forums Website - the official community partner for Lotus! Click here to read the full article!




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