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FAQ's - Your First Visit

​​Is it your first Visit to the Nürburgring? Take advantage of seeing what the Nürburgring has to offer - click here for information about our First Timer Package.

What is the Nürburgring?

The Nürburgring is a racetrack in Germany, comprised of two separate sections, that are occasionally joined for special events. It is located in the Eifel Mountain region, and surrounds a few towns and villages, most namely the town of Nürburg, and the town of Adenau.

What makes up the circuit?

The circuit is comprised of the famous Nordschleife (also known as the 'Green hell' or the "Grüne Hölle"), which is 21km long, and is infamous amongst many motor racing groups, Playstation and Xbox Gamers, as well as fans of Top Gear. The other part of the circuit is the known as the GP Track, which is used for the Formula 1, and is the modernised part of the circuit. The two tracks are able to be joined together, and are done so for special events, and the 'VLN' series of races.

When most people think of the Nürburgring, they think of the longer Nordschleife circuit.

What time of year is best to drive the Nürburgring?

The season is generally from the start of March until the end of November, but this can change depending on weather at the time. The track is still open outside of these months, but opening times can be unpredictable. The track will even open on Christmas day for he locals to drive if the weather is permitting!
The other thing to consider is: as the weather gets warmer, more people visit the ring. It gets very, very busy during the season, and it's not unusual to have a line of traffic on the ring itself!

The Eifel region is green for a reason – it rains a lot. The track does not close for rain, so Touristenfahrten sessions and our car rentals happen as usual. The track only closes for snow, fog or to investigate an accident. At the very start and end of the season the weather is more likely to be worse, (rain and snow, fog), but it is much quieter on the ring – it really is a factor to consider.

If it rains, there is generally less traffic on the ring, and next to no motorcycles, which is a very big plus! So don't discout rainy weather too quickly, there is many advantages to it, and until you've done a few hundred laps, it won't make any real difference to your driving experience – in fact, it will help you learn the track quicker!

How can I drive the track?

There are two ways for a first timer to drive the circuit: on a Trackday, and on a Public driving session (Touristenfahrten).

  • Touristenfahrten is the way most people drive the track
  • Trackdays require prior entry and organisation, but have other advantages

If you prefer to experience the track but not to drive for yoruself, then consider one of our Hot Taxi Laps.

What is a Taxi Lap?

A taxi lap is when you ride along as a passenger, while one of our expert drivers takes you around the track. This is perhaps one of the best ways to see the circuit, as you have the fun and experience of being on the intimidating Nürburgring Nordschleife, without the burden (and risk) of having to drive it for yourself. 

Find out more info about our Taxi lap service here: Hot Taxi Laps.

Public Touristenfahrten Sessions Vs. Trackdays

Public Driving Sessions (Touristenfahrten) Trackdays
• Unlimited number of people on track at the same time (up to 10,000 on busy days!) • Limited to people that have pre-entered (Usually around 120, with 60 on track at once)
• You pay per lap (Up to €27) • You pay one entry fee, and do as many laps as you want
• People just turn up and drive, not everyone knows the rules • Drivers have strict safety briefings, everyone must wear safety helmets
• Anyone can drive (16 year olds, uncle bob, inexperienced drivers) • Like minded drivers
• Any road legal car can go on (Vans, busses, station wagons) • People use more track focused cars.
• Motorbikes allowed on track at the same time • Cars only
• Closures happen often, and can take hours to clean up • Closures still happen, but rarely. Clean up happens quickly and efficiently.
• You can only do one lap, then you have to stop for the barriers / come off the track. • You can keep lapping
• You can't use the whole Döttinger Höhe Straight • Full use of the 2.8km long straight!
• For a more casual experience (Good for just trying a few laps) • Getting to know the circuit properly
• Car recovery costs per km (Crashes, breakdowns) • Car recovery is usually included in the entry price
• Overtaking officialy only on the left side (In reality: a free-for-all mess) • Overtaking rules clearly defined, and much more gentlemanly.

A full list of Nürburgring Touristenfahrten rules and regulations can be found on the Nürburgring website.

What times do Public Sessions Run?

The Nordschleife circuit is available to drive for the public during the 'Touristenfahrten' (Tourist driving) sessions most weekdays between 5pm and 7:30 pm, and on weekends 8am to 7pm. These times change as the season progresses, and start and finish earlier depending on how early nightfall is. The sessions are also sometimes cancelled at short notice due to other events on the Nordschleife, and can also close early if there is an accident or crash on track.

During the day on weekdays the Nordschleife is used for 'Industry pool' – which is where car manufacturers come to test their cars on the Nürburgring, so you will see many camouflaged cars working their way around the 'ring. The GP track is also available to drive for 'Touristenfahrten' sessions, although much less regularly than the Nordschleife.

You can check the opening times for the Touristenfahrten sessions at the following link:

Public Session Weekdays or Weekends?

Weekends are generally very busy. The Sunday in particular can be really crowded. On a typical busy Toruistenfahrten Sunday (or any full-day bank holiday opening) you can count on a queue like that to form by 11am at the latest. On the busiest days the queue to enter the car park will extend over a km in each direction, with a 45-minute wait to enter the circuit.

A typical Sunday Nordschleife Touristenfahrten session runs like this:

  • 8am: Track opens. Sometimes it can open late, normally due to fog near Pflanzgarten.
  • 9am to 11am: Track closes for first major accident or multiple small accidents.
  • 12pm to 3pm: Go for lunch! The track is really crowded, with between 200 and 400 cars, bikes and even busses on circuit at once and probably another closure.
  • 4pm to 7pm: Getting quieter all the time as day trippers leave for home
  • 7.15pm: Gate closes, you need to go through the gate before 7.15 to get that 'last lap'

With all of that in mind, we ask morning renters to get here early and be on track before 9am. Afternoon renters shouldn't try too hard to put all their laps in early, the last hour is great!

Evening sessions are also a regular feature of the Nordschleife. You'll see a lot of 'locals' out on these sessions. Things to remember about the 2-hour openings:

  • They can be cancelled at short notice. Sometimes an earlier event runs late. Some times a manufacturer or magazine will pay money to take the session for a test or lap time.
  • One big crash will close the session. If there are 100 cars waiting to go out on track, it only needs one of them to crash seriously and the circuit will be shut. There's often not enough time left to re-open the circuit after the clean-up.

They're often the quietest sessions on the Nordschleife. For all those reasons above, the track can often be deserted. If you're planning on driving a weekday night, try and be here for a couple of days.

Why should I do a trackday?

The reasons are numerous – firstly, there is a lot less traffic on track, about a third to a half of the traffic during a public 'touristenfahrten' session. The traffic that is on there is also focused on the same thing as you – driving the track in a safe manner.

During the public sessions anyone who can pay the lap ticket price can go out on the track, usually without any prior knowledge of the track, or safety briefing, nor understanding of the overtaking rules etc. You can also do the day and your laps at your own pace, not trying to rush the laps in before the inevitable close of the public session due to a crash or accident.

Trackdays offer a better value for money experience, for not much more money, and a bit of prior organisation. 

What car should I drive on my first visit?

Car choice depends a lot on your experience behind the wheel, familiarity of race tracks in general and your experience on the Nordschleife. We value your health and your wealth! Driving the Nordschleife is unlike driving any other circuit on Earth. It's dangerous and difficult. Experience on other tracks, or experience with a supercar on the road will not automatically make you safer on the Nordschleife.

Many of the serious crashes occur here within the first few laps of the day, with both experienced and novice drivers crashing alike. Until you honestly know the circuit 100%, you generally don't need anything much faster than the RentaultSport Clio Cup or RenaultSport Megane. Blind crests are blind crests, no matter how much horsepower you have under the pedal. Let us know if you want to drive a fast car on your first visit, and we can organise some valuable instruction via one of our special training days.

What is the minimum age to rent a car from RSR?

Our car rentals start from 18 years of age and over. Generally, the renters age is not key but a drivers license and the right attitude is! It also depends on the sort of day (weather, traffic levels, trackday, road tour or touristenfahrten) and experience. What we need to be assured of first however is that you are up to the job. We can do this by organising some private instruction or by starting you off driving in the lower powered cars first.

How old do passengers need to be?

For Touristenfahrten sessions, passengers need to be a minimum of 16 years of age. Younger passengers will not be allowed to ride along in the cars. Trackday minimum ages can vary, and each will need to be checked with the organiser, but generally it is also a minimum age of 16.

For Taxi Laps on a touristenfahrten session, passengers must also be over 16 years of age, but those under 18 also require authorisation from a legal parent or guardian. Taxi Laps on a VLN session have a minimum age of 18 years old.

For Road Tours there is no minumum age, but those small enough to require car booster seats will need to use them. RSR does not have any child or booster seats available, so you will need to bring your own. Keep in mind that not all cars are compatible with these systems. Please ask!

What sort of licence do I need to hire a car from RSR?

RSR requires a full drivers licence from your country of nationality. An international drivers licence isn't required.

Take advantage of seeing what the Nürburgring has to offer - click here for information about our First Timer One Day Tour Package

Are there deposits required on RSR cars? What about insurance?

All of our cars have a basic insurance on them, however, there is an excess (deductable) that applies individually to each car.

Most of our cars do not require a deposit, with the exception of the Porsche 991 and McLaren MP4-12C.

For detailed information on our hiring policies, please contact us directly with the car you are interested in, and the type of hireage you are interested in (Touristenfahrten, Trackdays, Road Tours etc)

Am I allowed to video my lap?

During the public 'touristenfahrten' sessions the official statement from the Nürburgring is as follows: "Photographs, filming and video recordings are banned during ongoing tourist rides as a matter of principle. Exceptions from this regulation shall require the explicit approval of cNG (capricorn NÜRBURGRING GmbH)". See further details under "Download: Driving Regulations" on the Nürburgring Website.

During a trackday sessions you are allowed to video your lap. If you don't have your own, you can hire one of our systems from us, we have GoPro Video, Race Navigator Video and Data, and RaceLogic VBOX Video and Data Systems available.

How do I get to the Nürburgring?

The best way to get to the Nürburgring is to fly into either Frankfurt Airport, or Cologne/Bonn airport, hire a rental car and drive down. It takes between 2 and 3 hours to drive, depending on conditions. Alternatively you can hire a taxi, but public transport is very difficult to use to get to the Nürburgring, and then you'll have an even more difficult time getting around once here!

For a pdf of directions from Frankurt-Main Airport click here

For a pdf of directions from Frankurt-Hahn Airport click here

For a pdf of directions from Cologne-Bonn Airport click here

For a pdf of directions from the Calais Ferry click here

For a pdf of directions from the Rotterdam Ferry click here

Where is a good place to watch / take photographs?

There are a few good places around the ring, the most popular being at Brunnchen, on the south east part of the ring, and on the main road into Nürburg from Frankfurt on the 412. The main car park is on the right hand side as you drive toward Nürburg, and chances are you'll miss it the first time! Not to worry, because only a couple of hundred meters up the road is another good spot – called Pflanzgarten, with the carpark on the left, and much easier to spot! Alternatively, there is also the half-way point of the track down at Breidscheid / Adenau.

Take a look at our local area map on our Hotels and Restaurants Page for the best viewing areas marked on a map.

What else is there to do in the area / what can my family do?

In the local area there isn't much more available to do aside from drive the track. There are shopping options available in Koblenz (45min) or Cologne (1hour 30min) and Adenau (15min). There are also few activities within a reasonable drive, such as:

Go-Karting RingKartbahn
Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 302 6670

Nürburgring GP Track Backstage Tour
Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 302 6670

Nürburgring Motorsport Museum RingWerk
Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 302 6670

RaceRoom Cafe Driving Simulators
Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 302 6665

Hotrod City Tour Nürburgring / Koblenz
Eifeldorf Grüne Hölle, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR) / Altlöhrtor 22, 56068 Koblenz​ (About 1hour from RSR)
Tel.: +49 172 4521698

Sport am Ring Gym / Fitness Studio
In der Ex 1, 53518 Adenau (About 15min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 938147​

Wild- & Erlebnispark Daun - Animal Park / Wildpark
Mainzer Straße 11, 54550 Daun (About 30min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 6592 3154

Burg Eltz Castle Tours / Burgführung
Burg-Eltz-Straße 1, 56294 Wierschem (About 50min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2672 95050-0

Reichsburg Cochem Castle Tours / Burgführung
Schloßstraße 36, 56812 Cochem (About 45min from RSR)​
Tel.: +49 2671 - 255

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