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Nurburgring Nordschleife Training Program

Our Nurburgring Nordschleife Training Program is focused exclusively on this infamous track, a two days program with Theory Course and Road Tour on day 1 and track-work on day 2 to unveil the secrets of the Green Hell

Two Day Advanced Academy Program

Our Two-Day Advanced Program is the most comprehensive of our Academy Programs. It combines everything from the Single Day Academy Program with a thorough Track-Tour and in-depth theory work on the day before! A dedicated instructor will also follow you through all the phases of the program to maximise your progress.

One-Day Advanced Academy Program

Our One-Day Advanced Academy Program combines theory with on-track practical work during the same day. A dedicated instructor will follow you during the day, coaching you both from the passenger seat and through Theory Sessions and Data Sessions.

Specific Track Coaching Program

Our team of instructors is among the best in the world with extensive racing experience, that is why we can proudly offer all of our Track coaching programs on any race track in the world.

Data Sessions

The Data Session will not only immediately identify the area of improvement but will also be an "on paper proof" of both your mistakes and your improvements, helping you speeding up the learning process!

Advanced Theory Sessions

The program consists of two hours of interactive experience during which we will go deep into the technique with real world examples that you will be able to later apply to your driving.

One-Lap Tuition on the Nordschleife

Intimidated by the "Green Hell's" rain, fog, traffic and blind corners? We keep you updated with over 25 years of local knowldge and racing experience, including amazing wet lines! Don't put yourself and your car in danger!

Nissan GT-R Race Taxi

The Fastest Taxi Car on the Nürburgring - Godzilla is here to take you for a ride around the track - can you handle the beast?
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