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Driving Academy - Car Control Clinic

Advanced driver training, wet track car control and drifting courses at the Fahrsicherheitszentrum (Driving Safety Centre)

Unknown to many, the Nurburgring also has two world-class driver training facilities. Located conveniently behind the GP Track, these training centres are used to teach car control to normal, everyday drivers in emergency situations. These courses equip drivers with an enhanced skill set that can be used in everyday motoring.

These facilities have fully automatic sprinkler systems to create an evenly wet surface, and can be programmed to create many special situations. This intense and rewarding driver training program is designed so multiple groups can train at different stations within the complex.

How are these courses relevant to driving on a race track?

Many drivers struggle when they reach the absolute limit of their car on a race track. For every driver, this is the most crucial time to be firmly in control. Learning these essential skills in an open environment can be very difficult, not to mention dangerous and costly when you get it all wrong.

The mighty Nordschleife is an extremely difficult race track. It was built to test man and machine to the absolute limit. Negative & positive cambers, high & steep curbs, un-even and bumpy braking zones are all part of this tracks notorious heart. Throw in literally hundreds of different types of tarmac, the grip levels are constantly varying. Overhanging trees provide shaded sections both in the morning and afternoon allowing damp or wet sections to persist throughout the day. Leaves fall onto the track and make the surface even slipperier whilst depositing organic oils and residue on the surface. Thousands upon thousands of different vehicles lay down rubber from pedestrian tour buses to 1000hp plus hypercars. All these vehicles drop oil, coolants and water from time to time. Fanatical fans graffiti the whole track with cheap paint sometimes adding grip in the dry, but severely diminishing grip in the wet.

The Eifel Region is also renowned for adverse weather conditions. On many occasions, the weather changes so suddenly that it transforms from perfectly sunny to snowing in just one lap!

This program revolves around skills that you can take to the track, in a low-speed, but still challenging environment where one can get comfortable with car control in varying degrees. The risks are lower and it's a much safer (and ultimately cheaper) environment to learn everything, from the basics of steering correction through to refined drifting in the wet.

Prepare yourself correctly for the mighty Nordschleife, no matter the conditions.


Entry Prices (Own Car / Excluding Rental)

Half Day Training (4 Hours)

  • Price for First Participant / First Car: €769
  • Additional Participants / Additional Cars: €580 per person / car

Full Day Training (8 Hours)

  • Price for First Participant / First Car: €1149
  • Additional Participants / Additional Cars: €925 per person / car

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