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Driving Academy - Training Courses

The obsession of every driver in the world, from amateurs to World Champions, is to go faster and faster, finding the last few tenths. Many thousands of euros are regularly spent on improving the performance of cars through upgraded brakes, tires, suspension and electronic systems to achieve that.

At RSR we believe that the area which can bring the greatest amount of gain and rewards is often overlooked; DRIVER TRAINING!!

RSRNurburg’s Driving Academy programs are renowned to be among the best in the world, thanks to the extensive experience from our team of instructors, built on over 20 years of racing. We know that in order to drive a car close to the limit you cannot rely just on insinct and raw speed.

Knowledge and technical understanding are paramount to be able to squeeze every last tenth out of a car, this is why we offer a full range of bespoke Driving Academy Programs, from 1 hour of on-track Instruction, introducing you to lines and reference points, to season-long Race Driver coaching.

Each of our programs are completely customised and 100% focused on you and on your current skill level. Designed in a dynamic and flexible way, you can focus on the areas where you will gain the most, speeding up your learning and maximizing results!

We are proud to be able to cater to novices and Pro Racers alike, from basics like understanding of the correct line to the best balancing techniques to optimize available traction.

Here is a full list of our Programs:​

  • RSR Driving Academy – Basic Trackday Instruction
    Our Basic Instruction Program is the baseline to keep your car safe while improving your driving styles during a Trackday.
  • RSR Driving Academy – Car Control Clinic Academy Program
    We teach you how to stay in control of your car when you are driving over the available traction, all in a safe enviroment, where you will be able to experiment without worrying about damaging the car or hurting yourself!
  • RSR Driving Academy – One-Day Academy Course
    This intensive one day program is focused on practical work, with theory concepts explained to you throughout the day. A dedicated instructor will follow you during the day, coaching you both from the passenger seat and through Theory Sessions and Data Sessions.
  • RSR Driving Academy – Two-Day In-Depth Advanced Academy Program
    Our Two-Day Advanced Program is the most comprehensive of our Academy Programs. It combines everything from the Single Day Academy Program with a thorough Track-Tour and in-depth theory work on the day before! A dedicated instructor will follow you through all the phases of the program to maximise your progress.
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