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Drive the Nürburgring - Track Days

​​RSRNurburg is pleased to offer you private trackday access to both the Nürburgring Nordschleife and the Nürburgring Grand Prix Track. Track Days are private events held on the circuit that require pre-registration and an entry fee, but hold many advantages over a standard Public Driving (Touristenfahrten) Session.

From full use of the circuit, to relaxed restrictions on car regulations, these days offer many reasons to join in over a standard public session - including lower numbers, a strict no bus and motorcycle policy and full personal track instruction!

On these days you can bring your own car, or hire one of our specially prepared track cars to use on the circuit. Also included is technical assistance and advice on set up and ideal lines, and optional hire of RaceNavigator Video and Data Systems. Our professional instruction is available to you regardless of whether you choose to bring your own car or rent one of ours.

If you are interested in renting one of our cars for a dedicated track day, take a look in our car garage by clicking here. If not, you can just purchase your track day entry through us.

Trackdays at a glance:

  • Private sessions on the track
  • Requires a one time entry fee for the day
  • On pre-determined dates (see our calendar for timings)
  • Only registered customers allowed on track
  • One-third to half of the traffic of a 'public' session
  • No motorcycles or busses allowed
  • Full use of the Döttinger Höhe straight (Nordschleife)
  • A great environment for learning and driver instruction
  • More track focused cars allowed on track - and on some days there are no restrictions at all!
  • Safety teams and paramedics on standby
  • Record your laps with an optional Video VBOX Data recording system!

Public Touristenfahrten Sessions Vs. Trackdays

Public Driving Sessions (Touristenfahrten) Trackdays
• Unlimited number of people on track at the same time (up to 10,000 on busy days!) • Limited to people that have pre-entered (Usually around 120, with 60 on track at once)
• You pay per lap (Up to €30) • You pay one entry fee, and do as many laps as you want
• People just turn up and drive, not everyone knows the rules • Drivers have strict safety briefings, everyone must wear safety helmets
• Anyone can drive (16 year olds, uncle bob, inexperienced drivers) • Like minded drivers
• Any road legal car can go on (Vans, busses, station wagons) • People use more track focused cars.
• Motorbikes allowed on track at the same time • Cars only
• Closures happen often, and can take hours to clean up • Closures still happen, but rarely. Clean up happens quickly and efficiently.
• You can only do one lap, then you have to stop for the barriers / come off the track. • You can keep lapping
• You can't use the whole Döttinger Höhe Straight • Full use of the 2.8km long straight!
• For a more casual experience (Good for just trying a few laps) • Getting to know the circuit properly
• Car recovery costs per km (Crashes, breakdowns) • Car recovery is usually included in the entry price
• Overtaking officialy only on the left side (In reality: a free-for-all mess) • Overtaking rules clearly defined, and much more gentlemanly.
Click for more info about Public Touristenfahrten Sessions Click for more information about trackdays

Trackday Calendar

RSR Premium Trackday Events (Nürburgring):

  • Nürburgring Nordschleife - 03.08.2018 (Friday) - Entry: 895€ More info...

More Trackday Events (Nürburging):

Nürburgring Nordschelife Trackday Calendar

My Own Car or a RSR Hire Car?

You can drive on the trackdays with either! When you have your own track tool, then we can organise entry for trackdays for you. We also offer our expert driver instructors to help make sure you get the most out of your time on track! If you can't bring your car (for whatever reason!) then you don't have to miss out! RSR has an extensive fleet of sports cars, to suit most budgets and tastes!

What Other Tracks Can I Drive?

Nürburgring Nordschleife

The challenge, the excitement, the ‘Green Hell’. Arguably the most famous track in the world; the Nürburgring Nordschleife (“Nord-shly-fuh”) is 21km (13 miles) long, has over 150 corners and an elevation change of over 300m
(1000 ft). This ‘old style’ of track has varying cambers, bumps and short run-offs, making it a true challenge to drive. Nestled amongst the Eifel mountains, the Nürburgring is less than 2 hours drive from Frankfurt city and an hour and a half from the city of Cologne.

Nürburgring GP Track

This fascinating 5.1km race track provides all the comfort of a modern track: long run-off zones, big gravel traps and multiple configurations. The track also hosts its share of different events throughout the year - from the Formula One, DTM and Truck Grand Prix, to the Old Timer Classics, Rad am Ring 24h Cycle Race, Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run and ‘insane’ rock music festivals!

Nürburgring VLN Configuration

On the occasional, very special day, the two Nürburgring tracks will be joined into what is known as the VLN configuration, named after the VLN Race series that descends on the track 10 times a year. This creates a 26km loop, of both the old part of the track (The Nordschleife), and the new part (the Grand Prix or Formula One) of the circuit.

Spa Francorchamps - 120km from the 'Ring

Most people don't realise that the other "best track in the world" is only an hours’ drive away, through the most beautiful regions Germany and Belgium have to offer. Those areas are the Eifel mountains in Germany and the Ardennes in Belgium. Arrive at the historic Spa circuit and prepare to be blown away. All the safety and space of a modern F1 circuit, but thrown over the topography like a ribbon of tarmac over the swooping valleys. For more on this very special circuit, and for dates - click here to go to our sister site,

Hockenheim - 214km from the 'Ring

The 'other' home of the German Formula One Grand Prix, the Hockenheimring is only an hour from Frankfurt Main or two hours from the Nürburgring. Another historical track, this 4.5km circuit combines slow, tight turns and exciting fast turns, high speed sections, twisty chicanes and great overtaking zones!

For other tracks in Europe, click here to go to our 'Other Tracks' Web page.

RSR Premium Trackday Events (Other Circuits): 

More Trackday Events (All Circuits):

All Circuits Trackday Calendar

Pricing and Options

  • Pricing can vary per event and can range from €595 to €1295 for a full day on track, depending on total number of entries, configuration and organiser.
  • For pricing on specific dates, please refer to our trackday calendar, or contact us directly for more information.

Optional Extras:

  • Instruction per hour: €149
  • Half Day Instruction: €549
  • Full Day Instruction: €949
  • RaceNavigator Video and Data System - €199 - Measures g-forces, shows speed, lap times, internam and external video feeds and track map.
  • GoPro Rentals - €50 per day
  • Race Suit Rentails - €25 per day

Booking and More Information

For more information, you can contact us directly using our contact form or by phone: +49 2691 931 952 or e-mail

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