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Rent a Car or Drive your Own?

on October 2016

​Ok. So we may be a little biased, since we are a rental company, and realistically, there is nothing wrong with driving your own car on track.

We’re all drivers too - and sometimes there’s no better feeling than getting your own pride and joy out on the circuit.

However, there are some nice assurances with hiring a track car, which can be an advantage over using your
own car - such as:

- If you’re from far overseas, you can’t always bring your car with you!
- No track wear and tear to worry about.
- If something gets damaged, you have to pay regardless if it’s your own car or a rental. But... If it’s a rental, you can still drive your own car home!
- Our mechanics thoroughly check our cars before every rental.
- The opportunity to try something different / something impractical to own yourself.

So, if something takes your fancy - why not give it a go?

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