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RSR and Frikadelli Join Forces

on August 2014

The Queen of the Ring together with RSR now offers high-speed experiences at both the infamous Ring and mega F1 Track, Spa Francorchamps!

RSRNurburg and RSRSpa have joined forces with Sabine Schmitz & Frikadelli Racing to increase the ever expanding service offerings for our customers. This partnership opens up new opportunities to drive these world renowned track to practically anyone from around the globe, almost every day of the week, throughout the season... Sabine is also now on hand to deliver her world renowned fastest Hot Taxi Laps at both the Ring and Spa Francorchamps.

RSRNurburg, Ron Simons Racing Nurburg, have built a reputation of excellence over the past 15 years at the famous Nűrburgring for driver training, instruction, track car rentals, corporate events and Road Tours. Sabine Schmitz has raced the world over, but her true passion belongs at the Nurburgring where without doubt, she is most recognizable figure at the Ring - it’s no wonder she carries the title, the “Queen of Ring”. Sabine now partners with RSR to take advantage of the resources of RSR for her broad customer base.

Sabine Schmitz had the following to say: “I am really thrilled to be able to work with RSR. Their huge fleet of modern cars and wide range of services makes sense for us to create a partnership. We were looking for a reliable and reputable company to help service our only takes a small glance at RSR’s testimonials to know we are in capable hands.” Additionally, “The goal is to extend the available offerings, and RSR enables us to do this. Taxi Laps at Spa are really great, throwing the car around on this Formula track is just a joy, I can push so hard!” And in closing, “I am pleased to have formed this partnership. RSR are a professional company that have built a successful business on a reputation of excellence that is known and respected worldwide. Bringing their cars, expertise, various driving & instruction services and programs into our packages will open up new opportunities for our customers from around the world. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them”.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Sabine” said Ron Simons, director and owner of RSRNurburg and RSRSpa. “I have followed her career over the years, we have worked together in the past and now we cement this with a formal partnership to continue our combined success” Ron goes on to explain; “This partnership gives our existing customer base another range of options to choose from and now we have the quickest female racer in the world, certainly a force to be reckoned with on track!.”

About Sabine & Frikadelli Racing

In 2005 the butcher Klaus Abbelen, who had motor sport experience for some year, decided to call his own motorsport racing team into life. Abbelen runs the eponymous food company „Abbelen“, where he got is Nickname „Frikadelli“ (Meatball) from. So it was obvious to engage the involvement in motorsport with the profession, so Frikadelli Racing Team was born. As a very special recognition all cars of Frikadelli Racing driving with a picture of a big meatball on the side through the “Green Hell”!

Since the launch Sabine Schmitz is also a integral part of Frikadelli Racing. The partner and also teammate of Klaus Abbelen is not for nothing called the „Queen of the Nuerburgring“ . Sabine has fought countless battles at the Ring and no other race driver should know the Nordschleife as good as „Speedbee“. The sympathetic girl from the Eifel has already won two times the legendary 24 hour race on the ring and is a absolute multi talent. Sabine Schmitz regularly drives enthusiastic fans through the „Green Hell“ her favorite race track, is a TV presenter, takes care of her horses, flies helicopters and has her own cloth label. The power woman is always in a good mood, and even if she can´t estimate the number of laps she done on the Nordschleife, it never get´s boring for the „Queen of the Nuerburgring“! 

In 2010 Frikadelli got very well prepared and did the final step from a amateur team to a professional motor sport team. At Barweiler, located directly at the Nuerburgring they built a 1800 square meter big hall which is now the headquarter for Klaus Abbelen and his team. The building has a fully equipped workshop where all kind of jobs at the race cars can be done and is so the perfect headquarter for Frikadelli Racing. 

In the season 2013 Frikadelli Racing uses a fast Porsche racing car for the VLN Long Distance Championship and the Nuerburging 24h race. Sabine Schmitz, Klaus Abbelen and Patrick Huisman go with the 911 GT3 R into the races, and trying to fight for the top first positions. In the pits taking about 15 mechanics and team members care of the car, drivers and guests. 

More information can be found on their website: or you can contact them by phone on +49 (0)2691 / 93345-10 or email on
About RSR

RSRNurburg driver training, car rentals & trackdays is the oldest and most established business in this field at the Nurburgring. RSRNurburg has made a name for itself with over 15 years of operation. Their extensive knowledge of tracks like the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Nurburgring GP Circuit and Spa Francorchamps is second to none. A fleet of over 60 cars from Renault Clio Cup’s, Lotus Exige’s, Porsche GT3’s, Ferrari 458 Italia, various race cars for VLN up to LMP2 cars and everything in between is available. Over the last 15 years RSRNurburg served well over 10 000 customers among them many from the automotive industry as well as few of well-known racing drivers. 

Further information on RSR can be found here: and or by Antony Ashley on Tel; +49 2691 931952 or by email at

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