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RSR Track Tips - Wet Weather Guide

on August 2015

Lets face the truth. This is the Nürburgring. They call it the ‘Green Hell’ for many reasons, one of which is the (sometimes) awful weather in this part of the Eifel Mountains.

If you think you know the track, then be prepared to have your eyes opened wide. On any other track, wet driving may only be twice the difficulty of a dry track, but here on the Nordschleife, it is almost ten-fold. This is due to over ten different types of tarmac, the bumps, the dips, camber changes, crests, compressions - and of course, it takes almost 10 minutes (on average) to see the same part of the track again!

On top of this, it’s very seldom the same sort of wet the whole way around. Conditions are changing constantly due to the extreme altitude range the track covers. Clouds are pushed to different parts of the track, and release their moisture in vastly different amounts. It’s not unusual to have all four seasons on the track in one lap - snow included!

The following are just a few tips to get you started on the ‘Wet weather wonderland’ of the Nordschleife - for an in-depth knowledge, and the way to really go quick at minimum risk in the wet, come and see us for a one-on-one wet weather training programme.

Given the fact that there’s more residue rubber in the slow corners than there is in the fast ones it’s the slow and medium-fast bends that need a different approach in the wet. The usual, ‘golden’ technique of ‘staying a few inches clear of the dry line’ just doesn’t cut it here. 

Corners like Aremberg, Kallenhard, Exmühle, Bergwerk and Hohe Acht are all right handers with a lot of positive camber. Water will wash all the debris to the lower inside of the corner, meaning the top side is cleaner, creating more grip. 


While braking in a straight line, overshoot the normal dry turn-in point by at least 10 metres. Then comes your turn-in and progressive use of acceleration. You should be able to use the same gear. The key here is to cross the dry line anywhere but on the crest. 

Aremberg or Kallenhard

A similar approach for both corners. Brake more than half a car width to the inside/right. Overshoot the dry line and stick to the full outside of the corner and start accelerating. Key here is to have the car in a light oversteer created by a balance of turn in and careful use of throttle. 

As the track dries, you’ll find that the left side of all these corners dry out the earliest and therefore create the most grip. Improvising is the key in these conditions. Use more and more radius every time you come around until you find the edge of the ‘slippery bit’.

- Ron Simons, CEO & Chief Instructor RSRNurburg

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