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On July 16th I was at Nurburgring and July 17th I was at Spa in a group sponsored by John Hitch. We were driving your standard Renault Megane RS and I was told by your representatives that the only modifications done to these cars was the fitting of Winmax Brake Pads. I was incredibly impressed with the braking performance of your cars and wondered if you could tell me whether you run the Compound W1,W2 or W3 on these Meganes. I race a 1970's classic Rover SD1 in NZ and also have a modified BMW 135i plus a 2004 Z06 Corvette which I would like to fit these pads to them. PS You run an awesome set up at both Nurburgring and Spa and I memories from both days will stay with me forever. I also drove one of your cars to Spa and back and they are a joy to drive on the road as well.
Barry Hare - August 2018
This was the most amazing "day" the past couple of years (after my wedding). I thank you so much for this opportunity to be able to take a look into what you guys are doing. This was also the saddest day of my life, when i handed back the keys of the Porsche:´(
Kevin Ohm - July 2018
Having the opportunity to drive the Nurburgring is the ultimate challenge for a road racer, which puts it at the top of the list for me. Throw in Spa to boot and this trip was a "no brainer" opportunity that I had to participate in. Even my wife, who refers to my race car as "the other woman", agrees with that assessment!
Cal Sharp, USA - May 2018
Back in the states again, but wanted to say your team made our experience at the Ring simply great. My dad and I had an absolute blast, and your team made everything wonderful. I really appreciate allowing us to drive the Golf R onto Spa. Thanks again for the wonderful experience.
Mike Doughty, USA - May 2018
Just wanted to say, that the Roadtour on Saturday was amazing! Christoph and the other boys did a great Job and that wasn’t easy with so many people and Cars.
Valentina Flechsig, SX Consulting Group GmbH, Germany - May 2018
I wanted to tell you again what a fantastic time I had yesterday. When I watch some of the video clips, I realize just how much your instruction and patience made such a positive difference for my experience overall, and I know I drove faster and performed better than I could possibly have done without your help. I learned so much, I'm still processing it all, and I can't wait to come back to Nürburg -- and also to go to Spa; I hope you can join me. Let's bring two cars and do some lead-follow as well as in-car together. :-)
Todd Curtis, USA - April 2018
Thank you very much for a fantastic experience in Portimao! Every track day with RSR is an experience I really look forward to, and on this occasion again my expectation was exceeded by you and your wonderful team, including Zannos, Serxio and Chris! I don’t know how you guys do this every time.
Sid, India - March 2018
Again, I had an amazing experience with RSR Nurburg and RSR Spa. You have a wonderful team. Please send my regards to Christophe, Kostas, Luis and Jonathan.
Bernard Wu, USA - February 2018
Thanks for all your help with sorting my requirements for the RSRSpa Trackday. It all went according to plan, and I greatly enjoyed this wonderful circuit. The day was helped along by my instructor Fred Scory who did an excellent job as an RSR Ambassador as well as showing great patience whilst I got to grips with the circuit. It was also good to tie it in with a visit to the N Ring. If one is coming from the UK it is a good selling point to cover both, ideally separated by a day. I hope to return next year for a further session.
Peter Evans, UK - November 2017
When I mentioned I would try and go to Spa and Nurburgring with my new car I was strongly urged to use RSR. It was a brilliant idea and it made my trip a win. Konstantinos and Christoph were world class instructors and they really were great fun to spend time with and run at two places that are super demanding. I’m still smiling and you will be the first instructor to drive the new car!
Tom Piper, USA - October 2017
I have been racing on several tracks before, even on Spa, but after these 2 days experience with RSR life becomes simple: let them coach you on Spa-Francorchamps and you will start to understand why racing on Spa-Francorchamps is the best racing experience you can ever have! Many thanks to Costas and Ron and his team for their advise and hospitality on the highest level... One thing is sure: I'll be back!
Dirk Deconninck, Belgium - October 2017
This is just to say thank you for a way cool day at Spa. Everything went smooth thanks to you and your truly great team including Yvonne, your mechanics, and an excellent instructor in Julian (Julien?). Having the RN guys there was nice too!
Brian Robertson, USA - September 2017
Ron and his crew at both RSRSpa and RSRNurburg were awesome. They took good care of us both on and off the track, with service that was both professional and customer-focussed. The on-track instruction received at both Spa and Nordschleife was great and helped us up the learning curve tremendously at both tracks. The orientation briefing given at Nordschleife was probably the best I’ve ever seen in over 350 track days, where the briefing was reinforced by video clips that communicated the key safety points very strongly and reminded drivers that they MUST have respect for this iconic racetrack. The RSR-Edition track-prepared Renault Megane RS cars at both circuits were well prepared and serviced throughout our 4 trackdays. In conclusion, the overall experience with RSR was excellent and the withdrawal symptoms aren’t expected to fade anytime soon. All I need now is another 2000 laps of Nordschleife.
Blair Gordon - August 2017
Fantastic experience, very good car, good and valid instructions before and excellent instructor in the car. Thank you very much!
Alexander Torstensson, Luxembourg - October 2016
Positively great!! Alessandro and Chris were both excellent, very knowledgable and very helpful. Look forward to coming back soon. Very good service!
Joseph Bardi, USA - October 2016
Extremely happy, a great experience. Very helpful staff, a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Jon & Michelle.
Jon Andrews, Australia - September 2016
A quick note to thank the whole team at RSR NURBURG for giving my brother and myself an unbelievable experience. The whole process from my first inquiry email to you, the greeting we received with paperwork already prepared for us on our arrival, through to the very informative briefing and the quick debrief at the end was SUPERB.The car was fantastic and gave us an experience we will never forget. The total RSR NURBURG experience was 10 out of 10. Once again thanks to you all at RSR NURBURG for a great experience.
Jeremy Lewer, Australia - August 2016
I wanted to take a minute and thank you guys as well as RSR for the hospitality and level of service during our rental. Driving on the Nurburgring has been a bucket list item for us guys for quite some time. Your facility made it very convenient, and informational in order for us to have a good time. As you saw we came back with smiles.
Jasser Valerio, USA - August 2016
Great little cars (Renault Megane), well balanced and in good race condition. Top pit crew, very friendly....
Sasha Stepanovic, Australia - August 2016
Great Experience - huge help having Ray (instructor) go round first time. Thank you very much!
Mark Payne, Australia - August 2016
The really great experience was with the instructor - Did a fantastic job!
Pehr Karlsson, Sweden - July 2016
Excellent Fun! The Ford Fiesta ST was excellent and provided & plenty of adrenaline!
Wesley Fors, USA - July 2016
That was just awesome. Dream come true - and in the wet. Thanks RSR and Luis - great day, great experience. I am stoked... and hooked.
Paul Clark, Australia - July 2016
The staff here were amazing! We had an amazing time on the infamous Nürburgring. Bucket list is now shorter...
Justin Randall, USA - July 2016
Absolutely Awesome! I will definitely be back again - when the wife lets me!!
William Scott, USA - July 2016
Great experience. All the way from Trinidad & Tobago.
Davelle Seales, Trinidad & Tobago - July 2016
Ron - After you and I rode the mountain bikes around the trails of the Nordschleife last year, I knew you're the kind of person I wanted to work with - you pushed me to ride harder! Please thank all of your staff for making the program run so well, despite many uncontrollable issues (extreme weather, dealing with the track organizer, last minute car changes, etc.). They're a very special team, and you've done an amazing job of putting them altogether and letting them do what they do so well. RSR rocks!
Ross Bentley, USA - June 2016
Awesome! Came from Australia for this. RSRis Awesome. Great Staff, great experience! 10/10
Brodie Kelly, Australia - April 2016
We've partnered with the RSR team for several years on client entertainment programs combining the 'Ring, Spa and the Lotus Tour Rallye. While they each offer a different driving experience the one thing they share is quality and organisation. If you want the ultimate track driving experience, RSR Nurburg offer the ultimate learning experience.
Ben Guynan, Advertising Director, Classic & Sports Car - February 2016
If you want to drive within your limits at very high speeds then Ron’s coaching is essential. I have completed maybe 2000 laps and entered the 24hour race 7 times in a row, but Ron’s input added a new dimension.Ron Simons of the 75 experience offers the perfect opportunity to acclimatise to the new track conditions. His in depth knowledge is invaluable and can make the difference between a huge off or valuable seconds gained. The track is a new animal once it has a good soaking from the inevitable Eifel Rain. The off apex lines are very difficult to find without Ron’s expert guidance. Whilst the 75’s are not in the prime of life their set up is spot on, helping enormously to boost the driver’s confidence and enjoyment. No lap round here is ever wasted and if you have time take in the views some of the best from any circuit worldwide.
Rupert Douglas Pennant, UK - February 2016
Thank you thank you thank you! I have never had so much fun on the track. The introductory briefing was very helpful, the in-car instruction very capable. The cars were faultlessly prepared and both the M3 and the Clio were delightful to drive. Please pass my thanks on to both John and Jonathan, who were both very helpful. It is always a little nerve-racking to book something like this sight-unseen over the internet, but you folks made it easy. A thoroughly professional operation. If you've ever wanted to drive the Nürburgring Nordschleife, RSR Nürburg is the way to go.
Ed Dennison - February 2015
We all had a very good experience for this trip to the ring: Organisation was excellent, from initial contact, ordering, delivery of services through to completion. RSR premises were professional and very conveniently located for both Nurgurg town and the Nordschliefe Being able to use the premises as a base for the trackday and avoiding the ring car-park as a result was a plus point. Everyone from Ron, Instructors and staff were all very professional/knowledgeable and capable and this made a big difference such that the overall attention to delivering the customer experience was excellent. The R26R car was well presented/looked after and surprisingly quick, provision of a tyre package for semi slicks made quite a difference on track. Prices were not cheap but on balance worked out as good value, given the overall experience and the equipment / attention given by RSR overall. I would recommend RSR unreservedly to a UK (RHD) visitor, and will likely use you again in the future in some capacity.
Bob Wilson - June 2014
Big thanks to Ron, Craig, John and all RSR staffs, for all the great work and help, myself and Chris just had one of our best weekends with you guys at the Nurburgring and Spa, your service and knowledge are top notch, we hope could come to you again soon!!
Kenneth Lam - February 2014
I cant think of one word so I've thought of a list here goes; Awesome, great instruction, a great company, a great team, great cars, great prices, amazing, unbelievable, friendly staff, welcoming, willing to help, conveniently positioned near the track. If i had to explain my weekend in one word it would be; supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and dare i say it was all down to RSR!!!!! Thank you very much to you and all your team for being so welcoming and fault free every time we use your service!!!!
Paul Wright - September 2013
I did a track day with RSR on June 29th at Spa. Can't say enough about the level of service from all the staff! The drive to and from Spa was almost as fun as the trackday!! I would definitely do this again. Thanks again to Ron and all the staff at RSR
Ted Kuehn - August 2012
Ron, just wanted to thank you and the team for a great 3 days in both Spa and Nurburgring. I really loved every second of it and ensure you that I will be back. The hospitaility, techincal knowledge, personal touch and real care for me demonstrated during these days was unforgettable. If you or anyone from the team ever happens to come to Brazil, please let me know and I will be pleased to extend to you the same hospitality you offered me.
Carlos Asciutti - June 2012
Craig, I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the great time my friend and I had driving the ring. We were there October 2nd & 3rd and drove a Clio and the M3. It was an unforgettable experience and am definitely planning to come again in the future. Everyone at RSR was friendly/helpful and the facility was comfortable while waiting. The vehicles were well maintained and a complete joy to drive. Our trip to Nurburg was everything we hoped it would be and yourself and everyone at RSR were a huge part of that. Thanks again!
Jesse Dinwoodie - November 2011
On August 15 you were my instructor. Last weekend we won our class at the FHR-Longdistance-cup/Youngtimer race at the Nordschleife Westfalentrophy with our TR 4. I passed the then class-leading 911 on the outside at Schwedenkreuz (you may remember, I did exactly the same on August 15 in your Alfa 75 passing a Honda or Toyota). In the end, my co-driver Uwe and myself managed to stay ahead of the 911 (admittedly helped by a longer pitstop of the Porsche). And with that result, we won the team-championship of the FHR-Longdistance-Cup 2011 for cars up to 1965. So thank you for tuition!
Klaus-Peter Mutschler - November 2011
I am just back in the office today and I wanted to thank you so much for the amazing afternoon Jacqueline and I had at the Nürburgring on Sunday. Too sadly, the track was closed due to the major 8-car accident and still, I keep a great memory of that day thanks to the very warm welcome of Craig and his guided tour. I just found it perfect: the scenery, the chosen stops, the stories… all of that made the place feel very special! I both owe you a big one so if there is anything I can do for you in the future, please let me know. In the meantime, the least I can do is highly recommend RSR to any Nürburgring or car enthusiast as I truly believe this offers a memorable experience. Many, many thanks!
Ivan Kovacs, Lotus Cars Limited, UK - October 2011
Ron I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. You employ a well run and very professional organization. Tom, Maurice and the entire team at RSR made our visit very worth while. We hope to return to Spa and or the Ring next year. The cars, coaching and support were all !rst class. Judging by the clientele you had on hand you are truly the premier race car rental and professional instruction organization at the worlds most renowned race track; the Nordschleife. Thank you!
William O'Keefe USA, October 2010 - October 2010
This is JV again, Adam's friend. We didn't get to meet personally during my trip to the NBR earlier this month, but i wanted to drop you a line to say; thanks very much for a wonderful experience with RSR. While I didn't get to rent a car from you guys, my mates rented a Clio on the Friday and Saturday, and then the M3 on Saturday, with John as their instructor. Unfortunately, i didn't get to rent a car from RSR (long story, but there were 6 of us on the trip, so we had to draw straws, and me and 2 of my other mates had to rent from somewhere else), but my friends were very very pleased with RSR, and we'd happily recommend you guys to anyone from here who makes the trip over to the Nordschleife.
JV Colayco, Manila, Philippines - October 2010
For any Nordschliefe rookie like me, taking the orientation driving course through the Motorsport Academy with Ron Simmons from the 75Experience as the instructor is a must. Ron knows the track intimately, down to each grain on the asphalt. His book on learning the Nordschliefe and insights de!nitely helped me to survive the Green Hell and comeback alive from the 24 Hours of Nurburgring race.
Patrick Hong Senior Technical Editor Road & Track Magazine - July 2010
I would like to say once again how great my time was at the Nurburgring. It was mainly down to how professionally, efficiently and brilliantly RSR is run and the awesome staff you have there. Not only was the time on the track a blast (as well as having a couple of brown alerts) but the tour in the Lotus on the Friday topped it off and has given me many happy memories and experiences. I had an absolute ball and have told my friends about it and some of them have vowed to check RSR out when they go to Germany. Once again, Thank you and I hope to be back in the not so distant future! Have a great day, and happy motoring.
Sam Clements - April 2010
As a Flight Attendant for 20 years now, I've had the opportunity to visit a lot of places and do a lot of things that otherwise have not been able to do. The sights and museums of Paris, golf in England, shopping in Seoul and Shanghai, visiting the Ferrari Factory, driving the Mediterranean coast in Italy, surfing in Hawaii; these are just a few of the things I've been able to do. Of all the great days I've had, September 24th 2009 will probably go down as the greatest of them all. On that day i drove the Nürburgring Nordschleife in an Alfa Romeo!
Simon Moon, Dallas Texas USA - September 2009
Thank you all so much – we all had a really amazing time and you guys really went out of your way to make it perfect! Looking forward to next year…..!
Joss, Events Manager Ecurie25 Ltd - August 2009
Just wanted to thank you for a great experience on August 29 with the Alfa! You, Dale and the rest of the team really did make it a memorable day, and Dale's pre-driving guidance on track protocol and safety was especially clear and helpful. I wanted to thank you, too, for taking the time to suggest places my wife and I to visit while in the area. Both Monreal and Burg Eltz were fascinating places we certainly wouldn't have discovered without your input, and we really appreciate your advice. Thanks again, Ron. I'm glad to have met you and Dale, and look forward to a return visit. And if you get back to Seattle any time, please give me a call!
Jon Inge, WA USA - August 2009
Whether this sort of thing is within your budget restraints or not, I thoroughly urge you to look at the option of visiting the 'ring' at least once in your life, as it will change your perspective of racing forever. It has every combination of cornering you can imagine and some extreme straights to join them from double apex, early and late late entries, cambered exits, crested entries and apexes, blind chicanes (famous for gobbling people up) and among all of that, traffic! It also has wet spots (despite a perfectly dry day) and I can't think of a sanitary pun for that one at this stage?!?! It has to be the single most thrilling experience of my life to date, besides climbing into the Porsche GT3 with Ron at the end of the day ... imagine a stripped out GT3 being absolutely wrung out at speeds that made the Clio seem like a kids ride. I kept pulling my harness straps tighter and tighter and still I was being thrown around in the racing seat. That man can really drive and knows this place like it's his own, and after asking me 'So how was that?' at the end of the lap I had only one thing to say ... 'AGAIN!'
Angus Chapel Motorsport Director, BMW Club of Australia - October 2008
If you are about to race on the Nordschleife you will need Ron. As well as you may think you know the track, he can offer everything from a quick knowledge top-up,to an in depth course of tuition. He imparts his wisdom accurately and succinctly. He does not seek to frighten but to educate. He lays the groundwork for you to be able to build from. Simply the best instruction for the worlds best circuit
Simon Hadfield, SHRacecars - August 2008
Driving the ‘Ring under Ron’s expert guidance was undoubtedly the best fun I've had in a car. Imagine stunning scenery, the most challenging and rewarding 14 mile stretch of road in world and no oncoming traffic, it really is an awe-inspiring place. My pre-conceptions of my own abilities were quickly dismissed and I was soon re-learning the Ron Simons way, an excellent way to learn and an unforgettable experience. He will represent P1 very well. My return trip is already booked.
Member P1 supercarclub Trip to the ‘Ring - July 2008
Dear Ron, Adam and Dale, Thank you very much for a fantastic weekend. The cars were immense fun to drive and the instruction given was not only professional, but perfect for the ‘ring and the daunting learning curve. I would have no problem recommending RSR to any of my clients or friends, in fact I have already done so. Everyone was very impressed with the set up of your operation and I dare say they will be chatting about nothing else but this trip for weeks to come! I look forward to seeing you again and bringing along another group of petrol heads for the full ‘treatment’. Thank you again.
Ross Sharp Senior Dealer Account Executive, Classic & Sports Car - July 2008
Ron, the whole thing was fantastic! It was amazing! I could never have imagined being able to drive the lap speed we managed over the course of the day on the Nordschleife, amazing! Your system to learn is fabulous and I really think it the perfect method to learn this incredibly challenging track using the lead follow method and the intercom makes it so easy. The cars are great tools and much more fun than I could have imagined. And, your confident style of teaching is priceless in building my driving skills in the process. Plus getting to ride with you and witness your amazing car control is simply beyond belief. Overall and very productive experience and one that I will remember for a long time.
John Delane F1 TeamTyrrell, USA - June 2008
The 75 experience is an excellent way to learn possibly the most difficult track in the world, Ron’s knowledge and teaching abilities combined with some sharp handling cars taught me more in one day than in my 3 previous trips to the ‘ring. Winning the Top Hat race (and 6th overall) in the Marathon a few weeks later must be testament enough!
James Diffey UK - June 2008
After racing in many professional series for twenty years and now for the past twelve in historic Formula 1 + 2, I can say that the two days spent with Ron Simons at the Nürburgring are at the very top of my list of rewarding and exciting experiences. It ranks right up there with the Monaco Historique and Goodwood Revival events. With Ron's unique and confidence building coaching, not only is it gratifying to begin to come to grips with this awesome circuit, but it is very good value. I am planning to bring a group of my fellow racers back in the near future.
James King, Director Historic Grand Prix, Inc - April 2008
Hi Ron & Crew, on behalf of Graeme and me just wanted to say a huge thanks for making our weekend at the ‘Ring’ so fabulously enjoyable. Your commitment to ensuring we had a good time both off and on the track was very much appreciated. Your hospitality and special arrangements for us to enjoy the various activities on Friday was a great treat and was a fabulous introduction to what I can only describe as the Europe’s motor sport Mecca. It would be fair to say that everything I have ever read or heard about the ‘Ring’ didn’t in any way prepare me for the challenge and respect that it demands & deserves. After our first circuit on Friday night I had severe reservations that I had taken on more than I felt capable of. Happily, thanks to your patience, skill and infectious confidence we were soon lapping both safely and (for us!) quickly; the addition of heavy rain in the evening added a further dimension to what was an immensely satisfying & memorable day. The high speed passenger rides on Sunday morning bought yet more excitement and exhilaration, although left me with something of a dilemma – how do I get to drive as well as you do? Fortunately RSR appear to have both the facilities and instructor capabilities to make this (almost) possible, you warned me that it would become addictive, and you are absolutely right – I’ll be back soon. Thanks again & best regards
Adrian Thompson Member P1 supercarclub - March 2008
Well, it's been three weeks since my visit to Nürburg and I still have the afternoon of the 8th October burnt into my memory! I had a fantastic afternoon and learnt so much that could not be taught from books, video or simulator. Nothing can prepare you for 'the Ring' !rst-hand. Thank you for your patience and your instruction which was priceless.
Rick Siffleet - November 2007
Doing the “75Experience” was undoubtedly the best fun I had with my trousers on. Imagine your favourite B-road with the junctions blocked off and no upcoming traffic allowed. If ron would seal marketing this product, it would say ‘At least 192.647 Experiences’ on the tin. My return trip is already booked.
Bill Smith, AROC magazine UK - December 2006
Boss Ron Simons clocks an amazing 1200 laps a year so he knows this track backwards and a single lap beside him in an Alfa 75TS will shave seconds from the laptime of someone who knows the track already very well.
John Barker, chief editor Evo Magazine UK - November 2006
The 75Experience appears to me to be terrific value for money. If you want one-on-one instruction it is more expensive but is well worth it. We can wholeheartedly recommend it an experience of a lifetime!
Nick Taylor, Ferrari Club UK - September 2006
Showtime over and Ron switched to precise and exacting tuition mode, and for the !rst time ever I learned there are actually turn-in, apex and clipping points hidden away on the track.
Steve Bennett / 911 & Porsche World - August 2006
Ron- I wanted to write and thank the whole RSR team for such a great time at the 'ring. Tom and Hendrick(sp?) were absolutely professional and knew the track like the back of their hands as well as the history around it. My wife and I really liked the rally, and I have to say anyone wanting to drive and understand the Nordschliefe should do this rally. The track walk and instruction with it was key to prepping for my first time out. Nothing else really to say, other than with the all inclusive package I really felt well prepared to safely have a good time on the 'ring- understand its intensity and understand my limits. Thanks for a great time. You will be on tap for my next trip out!
Kurt Parker - July 2006
Experience the Nordschleife is one of those ‘must do’things. In Ron’s (75Experience) hands you’re safe but if you venture out alone and virginal, you too could easily become another statistic.
Roberto Giordanelli, Auto Italia Magazine - July 2006
Then, feeling more con!dent, Ron gave me a passenger lap in the Alfa. This, more than anything else during the day took time off my own laps, simply because it raised the bar in terms of what’s possible. I think it’s possibly the !rst time I’ve ever been scared as a passenger though.
Rob Mugglestone, Totally911 magazine - July 2006
In returning home to the US, I am still in awe, having taken part in the 75 Experience at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It was with the expertise, insights and professionalism offered by Ron Simons and his crew that I was confident lapping what is quite simply the most amazing and challenging circuit in the world. The classroom instruction, on- track guidance and hospitality offered where all first rate. Whether you are an Alfisti or not, there is no denying just how effective and entertaining a well set up 75 can be. Riding with Ron displayed this to a level, which must be experienced to believe!! If you are considering making a trip to the ‘Ring, the 75 Experience offers a way to both learn and thrill in equal measures. You owe it to yourself to take part. I know I can’t wait to return!!
Brian Miller USA - April 2006
I just got back from HEAVEN!!!! Well, that’s the only word that comes to mind after spending 2 days at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, driving the 75Experience’ 75TS taking this race driving course, along with 10 other members from the Greek AR club.
Jim Kartalamakis (author of Alfa Romeo Performance Engines) Athens Greece - April 2006
I’ve had some exhilarating laps in my time (Ayrton Senna, Stirling Moss and Roger Clark) but a Ron’s (75Experience) 14 mile on-the-limit power slide beats them all.
Steve Bennett, Editor Circuit Driver Magazine - March 2006
Hi this is Nick and I would like to express my feelings for you and your crew. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for that fantastic experience you provide to all of us last week. THANK YOU for your perfect hospitality. THANK YOU for sharing with us all your knowledge. I knew that I could not consider myself as a top driver at fast driving, but I thought I could stand just ok on a racetrack. You destroyed everything showing us that we know nothing but I also THANK you for that.
Nick Lyras Athens, Greece - January 2006
After being my own teacher for more than 400 laps during the last 10 years, I finally found the correct line around the "Grüne Hölle" thanks to Ron Simons and his 75 Experience.
Lars Wramell, CEO Setrab Oilcoolers Sweden - January 2006

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