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Angus Chapel Motorsport Director, BMW Club of Australia

on October 2008

Whether this sort of thing is within your budget restraints or not, I thoroughly urge you to look at the option of visiting the 'ring' at least once in your life, as it will change your perspective of racing forever. It has every combination of cornering you can imagine and some extreme straights to join them from double apex, early and late late entries, cambered exits, crested entries and apexes, blind chicanes (famous for gobbling people up) and among all of that, traffic! It also has wet spots (despite a perfectly dry day) and I can't think of a sanitary pun for that one at this stage?!?! It has to be the single most thrilling experience of my life to date, besides climbing into the Porsche GT3 with Ron at the end of the day ... imagine a stripped out GT3 being absolutely wrung out at speeds that made the Clio seem like a kids ride. I kept pulling my harness straps tighter and tighter and still I was being thrown around in the racing seat. That man can really drive and knows this place like it's his own, and after asking me 'So how was that?' at the end of the lap I had only one thing to say ... 'AGAIN!'

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